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text-minimal music blog focusing on 1920-1969 over at telegramophone.

by day, I work as a content strategist at an advertising agency in Atlanta's West Midtown.
I am into the local food movement, living sustainably and stretching. Any opinions expressed here are my own.

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Why, hello there. I write, edit, manage communities, develop brand identities, and tell punny jokes. I’m driven, passionate, and inspired; I play well with others and relish a good challenge. Check me out on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Tumblr.

By day, I’m: a communications specialist focused on social media, copywriting, and content-driven marketing. I have expertise in digital content production, community management, and writing, coupled with a strong background in developing online brand identity. I have experience in project and team management, email marketing campaign strategy, and writing compelling copy across multiple lines of business.

I’m in the process of updating this page, so keep in mind that some of this info is a little outdated! But there’s some stuff to read, if you want to read it.

  • 12/6/10: Digital Design Fellowship Bi-Annual Report, No. 1 ∣ Download PDF

what faculty have to say about my work as digital design & media fellow, 2010-11:

Speaking from personal experience, you are the only reason I have been able to venture a toe into digital waters at all—I don’t think I’m anomalous as a professor who is interested and willing to expand my use of technological resources for pedagogical reasons, but lacks the knowledge, confidence, or time  that it would take to get there on my own.  The session you spent with me and my student intern (helping her create a blog for her internship as my assistant) was a revelation.  It’s the kind of front-lines, student contact position that I believe is core to the ASC experience; and it’s a front-lines, faculty contact position as well.  I can’t see how sources of pride like the Common Reading Blog will be maintained without you.