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A multiple drone-owner, Martha Stewart loves beholding her dominion from every angle. When Vanity Fair’s Bennett Marcus asked if any of her neighbors were concerned about the flying gadget, Stewart replied, “No. I don’t have any neighbors,” while laughing. The stately, full laugh of a solitary drone-master.

Martha Stewart Adores Her Drone - The Cut (via anniewerner)

god that last sentence is everything.

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Arles, France, April 2009.

missing France today, so i’m reblogging myself


WRAS 88.5FM, also know as Album 88, is an institution among student-run radio stations. Georgia State students have pioneered the station for over four decades, as it is entirely student run. The station has advanced musical genres, as well as helped discover such artists as Outkast and REM.

GSU President Mark Becker announced, after students had completed finals and left campus, a sell-out of WRAS airtime for Georgia Public Broadcasting programs from the hours of 5AM to 7PM. This decision was negotiated for months, and decided without any input from students.

It is unacceptable, to me, because WRAS is one of the few radio stations I’ll actually listen to in Atlanta.

Sign this petition.

Read this article.

Call President Becker

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Social media culture summed up in less than two minutes. This is why the Internet was created.


"I am the beautiest lady in all of the Spain"


"I am the beautiest lady in all of the Spain"

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My Tumblr turned 5 today!

What was once just a thesis procrastination mechanism has turned into so much more :3

Cheesy video, but this song still rules.

"Tenderness," General Public (1984)


Audrey Hepburn getting fitted for her Givenchy wedding dress in Funny Face

I just hung some new artwork for my desk at work. (at BFG Communications)

obligatory tony clifton reblog

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Atlanta Street Greenery Map

LOVE this project.

From Mashable.